Knauf Back Blocking Cement 20Kg Bag


Knauf Back Blocking Cement 20Kg Bag

$40.54 Incl. GST (each)


Back-blocking is a mandatory fixing practice described in AS/NZS 2589:2007 Gypsum linings – Application and finishing.

Back-Blocking Adhesive is a plaster-based setting type compound specially formulated for back-blocking ceiling joints or wall joints. Back-blocking reinforces plasterboard joints and minimises cracking and peaking that results from building movement.

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Packaging20 Kg Bag
Working TimeApproximately 120 Minutes


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cornice adhesive sds.pdf cornice adhesive sds 503 Kb
kna_cornice adhesive_pds.pdf cornice adhesive pds 260 Kb
back blocking adhesive sds.pdf back blocking adhesive sds 502 Kb
kna_back blocking adhesive_pds.pdf back blocking adhesive pds 162 Kb
masonry adhesive sds.pdf masonry adhesive sds 504 Kb
kna_masonary adhesive_pds.pdf masonry adhesive pds 158 Kb
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