Mitre Box Plastic Exalia


Mitre Box Plastic Exalia

$79.51 Incl. GST


Cut your mitre tighter with the Plastic Mitre Box. It's revolutionary design allows it to accommodate 12 different profiles of plaster cornice and another 3 types with the optional 14-410 timber insert.


  • Cuts at 45º, 90º & 135º
  • Made from hard wearing plastic making it weather resistant
  • Lasts more than three times longer than traditional ply mitre boxes
  • Five cornice steps are moulded into the box which accommodates 12 different cornice profiles
  • Three further profiles are achieved with additional timber insert
  • Downloads
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msds_chalkblue-c-8b.pdf BLUE MARKING CHALK SDS 223 Kb
SDS-Leviathan-Industrial-Marking-Crayons-Standard-Colours-2017.pdf BLUE CRAYON SDS 106 Kb
warranty_wbt2012.pdf WALLBOARD TOOLS WARRANTY 337 Kb