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Echostop Perforated Plasterboard

Echostop® is a sound absorptive perforated plasterboard with recessed edges available in either square, round or slotted design perforations.

Echostop® is recommended for use as wall or ceiling lining where sound absorption is required.  It is also ideal for decorative applications.

Full acoustic fabric backing 
Recessed edges 
Simple installation 
Flush jointing 
Clean precise lines 

Name Description Size
Echostop Technical Data.pdf Echostop Technical Data 304 Kb
Echostop Brochure.pdf Echostop Brochure 590 Kb
Echostop Installation Guide.pdf Echostop Installation Guide 193 Kb
Echostop MSDS.pdf Echostop MSDS 170 Kb
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf 1.05 MB
USGBoral Plasterboard Installation Manual.pdf 6.89 MB
Lighting and_Decoration Guide.pdf Lighting & Decoration Guide 894 Kb
Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance Multires_Whitepaper_USG Boral.pdf Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance 3.15 MB