Plasterboard and Cornice

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Great spaces begin with the sturdy walls and ceilings that surround them. USG Boral supplies a range of lightweight and cost effective plasterboard to help you create, design and build. Select from SHEETROCK® Plasterboard to fit-for-purpose technical boards, and multi-performance linings to suit your application needs.


USG Boral offers the SHEETROCK® Cove and Decorative Cornice range that will complement a variety of decors including classic, modern and contemporary interiors.


Name Description Size
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf 1.05 MB
USGBoral Plasterboard Installation Manual.pdf 6.89 MB
Lighting and_Decoration Guide.pdf Lighting & Decoration Guide 894 Kb
Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance Multires_Whitepaper_USG Boral.pdf Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance 3.15 MB