Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK UNTIL MARCH 2021


Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK UNTIL MARCH 2021

$1,853.28 Incl. GST


The Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter is designed to lift plasterboard in every position : horizontal (ceiling installation), angled (raked ceiling installation) and vertical (wall installation).
It has an innovative braking system with 2 handles (main brake + safety brake) to lower the panel quickly under control. The automatic operation for lifting thanks to power drill assistance and  rack and pinion system will lift plasterboard with less effort than other panel lifters.

  • Lifts up to a height of 4.5m
  • Max sheet size 1.2m x 6m
  • Innovative dual braking system
  • Power drill assistance for lifting
  • Max load capacity of 80kg
  • Downloads
Name Description Size
safetycert_plasterboardcart_dc-1350.pdf WALLBOARD PLASTER CART SAFETY CERTIFICATE 55 Kb
safetycert_trestle900_13-740.pdf WALLBOARD 900mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 119 Kb
safetycert_trestle1200_13-742.pdf WALLBOARD 1200mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 134 Kb
safetycert_trestle1500_13-743.pdf WALLBOARD 1500mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 174 Kb
safetycert_trestle1800_13-744.pdf WALLBOARD 1800mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 92 Kb
WTC1823_Telpro-Panel_Lift_Flyer-WEB(1).pdf TELPRO PANEL LIFT 155 Kb
WTC1823_Telpro-Troll_Flyer-WEB(1).pdf TELPRO TROLLEY 258 Kb

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