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Boral Linear Cornice 75mm x 4200mm

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Boral Linear Cornice 75mm x 4200mm


An ideal upgrade from standard cornice, Linear is the obvious design alternative when considering a square edge finish.

Characterised by its minimal, architectural lines; the stylish 75mm square edge profile is a perfect complement for modern residential and commercial interiors.

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Length4200 mm
Width75 mm
Weight5.67 kg


Name Description Size
Cornice Catalogue.pdf Cornice Catalogue 643 Kb
Cornice Installation Guide.pdf Cornice Installation Guide 153 Kb
Cornice Range.pdf Cornice Range 418 Kb
Cornice MSDS.pdf Cornice MSDS 185 Kb
Cornice Brochure Cairo.pdf Cairo Brochure 203 Kb
Cornice Brochure New York.pdf New York Brochure 149 Kb
Cornice Brochure Manly.pdf Manly Brochure 184 Kb
Cornice Brochure Sydney.pdf Sydney Brochure 117 Kb
Cornice Brochure Linear.pdf Linear Brochure 145 Kb