Boral X Block Jointing Compound 25Kg Bucket


Boral X Block Jointing Compound 25Kg Bucket

$143.57 Incl. GST


GIB X-Block® Jointing Compound is specifically formulated for use with GIB X-Block® plasterboard to give lead equivalent joints on interior walls and ceilings. It is a powdered air-drying compound suitable for bedding of X-Block® plasterboard joints, angles, spotting fastener heads and filling in gaps to provide a uniform X-ray radiation barrier. Paper tape must be used for all jointing.

• Eliminates the use of lead strips in backing joints

• Provides lead equivalent joints on internal walls and ceilings

• High strength joint with paper tape

• Compatible with USG Boral finishing compounds

• Identifiable by brown colour

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Weight25 kg
Working TimesMinimum 24 hours drying time


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