USG Boral All Purpose Pre-Mix 18Kg Bucket


USG Boral All Purpose Pre-Mix 18Kg Bucket

$40.15 Incl. GST (each)


USG Boral All Purpose Premix compound is an economical, air-drying, lightweight compound suitable for all three coat applications or as a finishing coat for all plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads. It can be used in conjunction with USG Boral BaseCote®, SHEETROCK® Brand Easy Sand™ or USG Boral RediBase™ compound.

High quality paper tape must be used such as  SHEETROCK®  Paper Joint Tape when embedding with All Purpose Premix.

Advantages include: 

  • Can be used for all three coats or as a finishing coat.
  • Excellent workability, easy application by hand or with mechanical tools.
  • Minimal mixing and cleaning of tools.
  • OK to sand by hand or with mechanical sanding tools.
  • Excellent surface for painting.
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Packaging18Kg Bucket
Setting TimesMinimum 24 hours drying time


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boral all purpose technical data.pdf all purpose technical data 126 Kb
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boral finalcote technical data.pdf finalcote technical data 131 Kb
boral finalcote msds.pdf finalcote msds 168 Kb
boral litefinish technical data.pdf litefinish technical data 135 Kb
boral litefinish msds.pdf litefinish msds 167 Kb
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