13mm Multistop 4 HI plasterboard for walls and ceilings
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13mm Multistop 4 HI

Multistop™ 4 HI is suitable for projects requiring fire, impact, and sound and water resistance. It is an ideal solution for schools, hospitals or where a multi performing plasterboard is required.

Multistop™ 4 HI features an embedded mesh backing, designed to significantly improve impact resistance for areas that experience frequent soft and hard body bumps.

Soft and hard body impact resistance
Fire resistance
Water resistance
Sound resistance
Multistop™ 4 HI contains a minimum of 10% overall recycled content.

Name Description Size
Multistop Brochure.pdf Multistop Brochure 567 Kb
MultiStop 4HI Technical Data.pdf Multistop 4HI Technical Data 396 Kb
Multistop 4 and 4HI MSDS.PDF Multistop 4 and 4HI MSDS 156 Kb
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf 1.05 MB
Lighting and_Decoration Guide.pdf Lighting & Decoration Guide 894 Kb
Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance Multires_Whitepaper_USG Boral.pdf Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance 3.15 MB
USG Boral Plasterboard Installation Manual Oct 2016.pdf BORAL PLASTERBOARD INSTALLATION MANUAL 7.52 MB